New to S&P: Telefonerfolge ohne Call center cliché

Mehr Termine – Mehr Abschlüsse – Mehr Erfolg am Telefon

BildOur seminar trains you inter alia. in den Bereichen Fragetechniken, Kundenzufriedenheit und professionelles Telefonieren.

> Gewinnende Rhetorik und Kommunikation im Telefongespräch
> Aktives Zuhören und Fragetechniken
> Erfolgreiche Argumentation bei schwierigen Kunden
> Geschickte Formulierungen für mehr Gesprächs- and sales success

Our current dates for the seminar:

01.02.2018 in Stuttgart (Garantietermin)
06.02.2018 in Frankfurt
13.03.2018 in Berlin
18.07.2018 in Bremen

Your benefit:

> Strong impression through proper rhetoric on the phone
> Wie bekomme ich den “Draht” zum Kunden?
> Richtige Argumentation bei schwierigen Kundengesprächen
> Telefonie als Vertriebs-Verstärker

your advantage

Each participant will receive:

+ S&P Guide: Richtig Telefonieren
+ S&P Test: Wie effektiv telefonieren Sie?
+ S&P Checklist: In front- und Nachbereitung des Telefongesprächs
+ S&P Checklist: 10 Tipps zur erfolgreichen Einwandbehandlung
+ S&P Test: Erfolgreich Argumentieren am Telefon
+ S&P Mustervorlage: Tägliche Telefon Erfolgs-Statistik

The S&P Unternehmerforum is certified to AZAV, E-Cert and DIN 9001:2008.
Funding from the European ESF as well as regional funding institutions is possible. You will get to the eligibility criteria.

You might be interested in the seminar? Send us an e-mail or log on directly to the registration form per Fax zum Seminar an.
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Munich office
Tel. +49 89 452 429 70 – 100

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S&P Business Forum GmbH
Mr. Achim Schulz
Feringastraße 12a
85774 Unterföhring

fon ..: 089 4524 2970 100
fax ..: 089 4524 2970 299
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Advantages in the surgery

the S&P Business Forum was 2007 Founded and based on an idea of ​​our SME customers:

> solutions together
> secure opportunities without detours
> exchange experiences

100 seminar topics, 13 Certification courses, Inhouse Schulungen, 500 seminar Schedule, 20 Experienced speakers from the field.

Secure your advantage in practice. Book directly with S&P!

See following seminar topics:

> strategy & Management
> managing Director & chief clerk
> planning & development
> guide & human resource development
> distribution & Marketing
> accountancy & Controlling
> Corporate Management
> planning & liquidity
> Rating & Bank talk
> purchase
> Personal
> assistance & Office Management
> project management
> Business Valuation & succession
> Compliance
> Anti-Geldwäsche
> Depot A-Management
> Solvency II
> MaRisk
> risk management

the S&P Unternehmerforum is certified to AZAV, DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and E-Cert.

13 Certification training for your professional training qualification:

> Certified managing directors (S&P)
> Certified officer (S&P)
> Certified Money Laundering Officer (S&P)
> Certified Compliance Officer (S&P)
> certification communications & guide (S&P)
> Certified Risk Controller & Treasurer (S&P)
> Certified HR manager (S&P)
> Certified Management Assistance (S&P)
> Certified project Manager (S&P)
> Certified Sales Manager (S&P)
> Certified Risk Manager (S&P)
> Certified Commercial Director (S&P)
> Certified Purchasing Manager (S&P)

Press contact:

S&P Business Forum GmbH
Mr. Achim Schulz
Feringastraße 12a
85774 Unterföhring

fon ..: 089 4524 2970 100
web ..:
email :

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