LAST MINUTE TRIP TO SCANDINAVIA on 8.-23. July 2018. Only a few places left. fast to book!

Destination Scandinavia: Join us on a great and extraordinary Scandinavia tour in the countries of the midnight sun (with Lofoten and North Cape). book now!


- ride in the fully air-conditioned five-star bus with galley and toilet.
- Short daily stages, thus much room for travelers, to explore the towns on the stops.
– 3 Nights on cruise ship / hotel ship.
- Additional nights in good middle class hotels with partial spectacular backdrop.
- All accommodation with dinner and breakfast.
- German Guided sightseeing tours in Oslo and Helsinki, German-language guided walk in Oulu.
- All road costs, include ship passages and guides in the price.
- entry to the Viking Ship Museum Oslo, Fishing village Nusfjord included in the price.
- visit to the island group of Lofoten.
- Arctic Circle Diploma.
- entry into the North Cape Hall and certificate.
- Northern Cape visit at midnight.
- monitoring the overall journey through experienced travel companion Gabi E.
- During the travel 12 * Overnight at the hotel and 3* Overnight on cruise ship / hotel ship.
- Information evening (voluntary) that. 3 Weeks prior to departure.


We go on this adventure trip with a modern, on long-haul designed five-Sternebus with toilet and galley of the most beautiful regions of Scandinavia.

Experience the aura of world cities Oslo and Helsinki, the bizarre landscape of Lapland with his reindeer, the fascination of the midnight sun, the extraordinary island landscape of Vesterålen and Lofoten, the wild, rugged fjords of Norway, North Cape, the Finnish lake district with over 1.000 Seen.

Start the journey is in the Rhine-Neckar. we drive on the German autobahn quickly to Kiel. In the afternoon we embark on the cruise ship M / S Color Magic and get our cabins. Under a beautiful sunset at sea, we spend the night on the ship.

The next morning we reach Oslo. After exploring Oslo, we see the royal castle, the town hall, the Vigeland Sculpture Park, the Holmenkollen Ski Jump, and more. Then go north, along the 60 km long Mjösa Lake about Hama to Lillehammer, where in 1994 held the Winter Olympics.

The next day brings new overwhelming impressions. So we go through Gudbrandsdalen, that looks like a giant model landscape to Ringebu, where we see the stave church. The journey continues with a magnificent mountain scenery and past the Dovrefjell National Park to Oppdal and the world famous Trondheim. Today's destination is Hell. This village is because of his name "Hell" (engl. hell) a tourist attraction, especially since you can give up at the station "Gods". But this can only be through the English interpretation of the Norwegian words "Hell" = rock overhang and "Gods" = goods or goods concluded.

After spending the night in "hell" and "God" we drive along the Trondheimsfjord to Steinkjer on Breitstadfjord, further through the Namdal about Grong to Mosjoen the river Vefsna. Today's destination is the town of Mo I Rana, the town under the Arctic Circle. The city is located at the end of Ranfjords and also has a lot to look. so e.g.. a church of the 19. Century with precious altarpiece 18. century, the out-of-town outdoor museum Stenneset. In the harbor, the sculpture Haymannen "is (The man from the sea). From the mountain "Mofjell" you have a wonderful view of the city. The oldest paved permanent race track in Norway, the "Røssvoll Motorstadtion" is also located in Mo I Rana.

The aim of the next day is the island group "Lofoten". For this, we take the path over the great Salt mountains and cross the Arctic Circle at Lönsdal. Here they have in a shopping village the opportunity, to familiarize yourself with local products. We continue through an incredibly rugged yet gorgeous fjord- and mountains to Skutvik.

With the ferry will carry us to Bognes Lödingen about living with this crossing a magnificent view over the island chain of the Lofoten.

The next morning we take a tour of the archipelago. U.a. You can go on shore on a photo safari. Next visit is the fishing village of Nusfjord.

leave after a little dark night is the fascinating archipelago and set the drive along the Ofotfjords. We cross another spectacular mountain scenery and drive along the Balsfjords up to Tromsoe, the Paris of the North. Symbol of the city is the 1965 Built Arctic Cathedral with its distinctive peaked roof and the high stained-glass windows.

The aim of the next day's Alta. To get there, a magnificent route to Olderdalen, which is beautifully situated on Lyngenfjord. While driving along the Lyngen Fjord, we can admire the Lyngen Alps, remain covered with snow even in summer.

The next morning, it then goes on to Hammerfest with its world famous Meridian Column. After a fascinating journey between steep mountains and deep fjords, we pass through the road tunnel to the island Mageroy. It is no longer dark. We arrive in the early hours of highlight of the trip, if we can experience the breathtaking view from the North Cape to the Arctic Arctic Ocean under the midnight sun at midnight.

After a short night of the trail continues along the Porsangerfjords to Lakselv and continue through the Finnmark plateau Karasjok. We cross the border to Finland and get to Inari, the sacred lake of the seeds and get ahead on Inari to the world famous ski resort Saariselkä.

The next day we drive through a vast forest- and hills past the mining village Tankarvaara and again cross the Arctic Circle. In the Arctic Circle is the main post office of Santa Claus and a year-round Christmas market. There you can give not only the Christmas mail, but even buy the jewelry for the next Christmas. Today's destination is Oulu. we reach this town on Rovaniemi and Kemi.

A whole day you have, Oulu to know. Oulu is the northernmost city in the European Union. Here is since 1996 Air Guitar World Championships held annually. 2011 Aline Westphal won from Burgwedel Air Guitar World Championships and won the title the first to Germany. 1997 Patrick was "Ehrwulf" Culek Second.
They have the chance, take part in a guided tour of Old Oulu.

It continues the next day along the Gulf of Bothnia and the Finnish Lakeland to Lahti. The city is considered the "sports capital" of Finland. One finds in the western city of a comprehensive sports complex, which are among other things with the Salpausselkä hill three large ski jumps. Here six times found Nordic World Ski Championships, last 2017 instead of.

The night is dark again now. The next day we drive further south to the capital of Finland, Helsinki. The tour shows us the sights of the city, u.a. the rock church, the Sibelius Monument and the Cathedral Square.

will move us in the evening aboard a floating hotel Silja Line. Wellness, Entertainment special class, Shopping and a variety of restaurants and a 142 m long glass-roofed promenade.

Upon arrival the next morning in Stockholm we continue our bus ride to the southwest continues. We drive along the lake Vättern on the European route 4 up to Göteborg.
We ship for the last time one of the Stena Germanica. Relax and enjoy again the last ship passage. This ship offers many opportunities for relaxation, so e.g.. from 20 AM Live Entertainment.

Rested we arrive the next morning, our last day of travel Kiel.

We continue with our comfortable 5 Star bus back looking forward to our starting point and we, On another bus- to welcome, or cruise again.


- Price per person in double room (Combination room) -cabin: 2,460 EUR
- additional price per person for double outside cabin: 90 EUR
- Additional charge for single room: 555 EUR
- Additional charge for single rooms and single inside cabin: 825 EUR
- Additional charge for single rooms and single outside cabin: 950 EUR




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Registration and further information about the trip when traveling companion Gabi Eser: 0621 – 52 00 77 91 or send an e-mail

dates: 8. – 23. July 2018


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GABIS TRAVEL, Travel to Scandinavia
Gabriele Eser
Frankenthaler Str. 75
67059 Ludwigshafen am Rhein

fon ..: 0621 – 52 00 77 91
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