Antonio Vivaldi and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Charity concert of Theatinerkirche

Venetian baroque and Salzburg elegance - all music lovers can look forward to a grand musical evening in a class (19. October 2017) happy in Munich Theatinerkirche.

BildThe vocal Chapel of Theatiner (formerly Royal Court Orchestra), its soloists and the Orchestra of St.. Kajetan present under the leadership of Father Robert Mehlhart the Gloria by Antonio Vivaldi (RV 589) and the Missa Solemnis (KV 337) W. A. Mozart. The evening concert is under the auspices I.k.u.k.H. Princess Theresa of Bavaria. The proceeds of the benefit concert of the Friends of Theatinerkirche benefit the completion of the restoration of the four evangelists.

The Munich Theatinerkirche was under construction, als Antonio Vivaldi 1678 the light of the
world saw. Some forty years later he completed his most famous masterpiece: The Magnificat in D Major for soloists, Choir and Orchestra. Here the composer develops the whole range of baroque splendor of sound. Jubilant choruses alternate with solo arias and atmospherically guided joints. In the lively violin passages, the passion of the "Prete Rosso" flashes, who led one of the great virtuosos of his time, the violin technique to its limits.

Magnificently it continues with the elegant "Missa Solemnis" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
It was created in March 1780 and is the last full exhibition Mozart. Here the Salzburg master pulling all the stops kirch musicianship. impressive tone painting
I think im, great sounds in the Sanctus, verspielte Engelchöre im Hosanna münden schließlich in die versöhnte Bitte um Frieden in den Schlussklängen des Agnus Dei.

BENEFIZKONZERT der Theatinerkirche 2017
Unter der Schirmherrschaft von I.k.u.k.H. Princess Theresa of Bavaria
Antonio Vivaldi, Gloria (RV 589)
Wolfgang A. Mozart, Missa Solemnis (KV 337)
Mittwoch, 18. October 2017, 19.00 Clock
TICKETS zu 25,00 30,00 and 40,00 Euro an der Abendkasse.

Friedamaria Wallbrecher, soprano
Clara Horbach, Alt
Rudolf Haslauer, Tenor
Thorvaldur Thorvaldsson, Bass

Vocal Chapel of Theatiner (formerly Royal Court Orchestra)
Neue Vokalkapelle der Theatinerkirche
Orchester von Sankt Kajetan
Father Robert Mehlhart ON, management

Die Vokalkapelle der Theatinerkirche ist ein professionelles Ensemble, deren Mitglieder aus den Musiktheatern Münchens (Bayerische Staatsoper, Bayerisches Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz) und der Hochschule für Musik stammen. Die Wurzeln der Vokalkapelle am Münchner Hof reichen bis ins Jahre 1482 back. Today's vocal Chapel of Theatiner Church is the successor institution of the former Royal Court Orchestra. For the anniversary concert vocal band is amplified by the New vocal chapel and the choir of the Dominican parish of St. Albert in Freimann.

Father Robert Mehlhart, ON
P. Robert Mehlhart OP has 2012 Church musicians of the Theatinerkirche and the head of their vocal chapel (Former. Royal Court Orchestra). He studied theology in Vienna and Oxford, Church music and musicology and is a versatile concert career as a cantor and Dirgent by.


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Friends of Theatinerkirche
Under the patronage of I.K.u.K.H. Princess Theresa of Bavaria, the association was chaired by Dr. Stefan Sambol and Gerald Hinteregger in June 2013 founded. Among its members are interested personalities, Politician, scientist, Entrepreneurs and businesses, who feel connected to the Theatinerkirche and their contribution to the promotion of religious, provide artistic and cultural life of the Church.

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